Our South Florida yacht detailing services area ranges from the Dania Beach Cutoff canal to Atlantic Avenue. 50 Line Marine has a variety of detailing services available please see below for more information:

Boat Washes

includes soaping, chamois, and hull wash

Wash Plans

weekly and bi-weekly washes are available. Each plan includes a discount on boat washes as well as any waxing.


we are pleased to provide iShine treatments to our customers. The process can range between 1-5 steps and can return most paint jobs to their original shine.

Wet Sanding

if your paint job has deteriorated beyond the point that compounding can restore then wet sanding may be able to offer a solution before a re-paint is required.

Metal Polishing

we can revive polished aluminium to its original luster with our treatment.

Metal, Plastic & Lacquered Surfaces Treatments

Our treatment offers protection on Metal, Plastic, and Lacquered Surfaces. Its hydro and oleo phobic properties prevent lime scale, grease, and oil from adhering to the substrates.

Glass Treatment

iShine Glass treatment offers 1 year of protection for glass and ceramic surfaces.

Teak Cleaning

Two part process that cleans and bring back the natural color of teak.

Ceramic Coatings

We are pleased to offer the long term gel coat and paint protection that CeramicCoatings provide. Please contact us for more information about Ceramic Coatings.


We are happy to provide Captain services in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Currently we offer cruising and fishing trips. We take the worry out of docking, driving, and preparing your vessel.


Half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) options are available. If you require a more custom trip please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.


We provide all tackle for any kind of deep-sea fishing. Dead bait is included in the cost of the trip and live bait (Goggle Eyes or Pilchards) is available for an additional fee. We offer half day (4 hours), full day (8 hours), Sailfish (8 hours/seasonal), and Swordfish (8 hours daytime/nighttime). Custom fishing trips are available as well for the Bahamas and Florida Keys. This service is completed on our customers boats.


Whether you have purchased a new yacht, change ports seasonally, or don’t have the time to do it yourself we can arrange the deliver of your vessel along the east coat, gulf coat, and Bahamas. We accept boats up to 65ft in length. Please contact us for more information on Deliveries.